Delighting in Drowning

Delighting creates thirst.  But sensual pleasures are like paper money, they have no true value.   Delighting, I drown within empty pleasures.  It is hard for my busy mind to recognize this.

Even more difficult, is to see renunciation is a life preserver, a lifeguard.  It is the cure for busyness, blindness, and thirst.  A raft that’s ever present, and waiting to take me back to shore.  Subtle and hard to see, the gift of safety, which only we can provide to ourselves.

This is why it is important to associate with wise people.  To see the example of one who has already seen.  Reading books is no substitute for this.  For all too often we fall prey to cloning what we’ve read, and miss applying strategies.  I know this all too well!

Delighting in the breath is useful.  Concentration allows me to see the damage I cause myself and those around me, as when I delight in unskillful and harmful actions.  Thirst disguises itself, as pleasure and immediate gratification.  Staying with my breath allows me to see how pleasure leads me to pain.  But, when I don't feel ready to give up the pleasure or hold onto renunciation.  I just need to keep looking, and notice that.

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